Research and Support Programes

1. Sustainable agro-biodiversity programme

  • Coordinate the national agrobiodiversity programme,
  • Develop a sustainable practice for natural resources utilization, management and conservation of agriculture genetic resources to support of potential future needs for food security and suitable commercial production,
  •  Support the development of improved methods, mechanisms and technical recommendations

2. Improved agriculture productivity programme

  • Develop and use appropriate agricultural technologies and breeding (effective low cost technologies) for improvement of agriculture production systems,
  • Testing and developing good agriculture practices relating to soil nutrient depletion, loss of agro-biodiversity, maintaining of land productivity, developed of skilled human resources and improved water use efficiency,
  • Enhancing the regional competitiveness of the Lao agricultural sector through improved post-harvesting and processing technologies, and local value-addition to enable access to markets and viable integration in these markets.

3.  Agriculture adaptation to climate change programme

  • Develop climate information services (agro-climate advisory) and deliver improved farmer guidance for better and climate-safe management of production, and provide technical support to the climate adaptation capacity of farmers, Develop climate-smart agricultural practices through testing and scaling-up of technologies and improved practices that are needed to further build farmers’ adaptive capacity to climate change,
  • Strengthening of policies and institutions for climate-resilience through
  • Vulnerability assessments, scenario modelling and policy analyses to provide the information and tools for planners and decision-makers for well targeted support to agriculture and food security under changing climatic conditions.

4. Agriculture and forestry policy research programme

  • Provide policy makers at different levels (MAF and other concerned institutions) with information and guidance on emerging national, regional and global opportunities and challenges in the sector,
  • Improve rural livelihoods and rural empowerment through relevant policy development,
  • Improve accessibility to information and knowledge of different actors so they can make more informed decisions at all levels.

5. Capacity building programme

  • Human resources development,
  • Organizational and institutional development, and
  • Research infrastructure and facilities development

6. Information and communication programme

  • Improve communication facilities and management systems (ICT, library, information and communication support),
  • Develop ‘AKIS’ (sharing of agricultural information, knowledge, resources and responsibilities; networking; linking),
  • Strengthen multi-level and multi-stakeholder information, communication and coordination in agricultu
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National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute

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Xaythany District

Vientiane Capitol

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