Upland Agriculture Research Center (UARC)

UARC focuses on research and using biodirversity , Agriculture systems, Intergrated agroforestry for the food sucurity and cash crops in the northern upland for sustainable. Roles and reponsibilities 1. Proposing regulations, policies, strategies, rules, , and other legal instruments related by the government. 2. Implementation of NAFRI strategy to program, planning, project for suitable the location. 3. Research includes: varieties, Technical and method for agriculture production and sustainable. 4. Collection, research, assessment, use conservation and management on indigenous plant and anmal genetic resources. 5. Actively cooperating with NAFRI centers and organizations and agencies to conduct research, dissemination result and provied tecnical service. 6. Working closely with PAFO’s, DAFO’s, TSC to carry out research and dissemination results. 7. Performing other special duties as assigned by the government

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National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute

Nongviengkham Village

Xaythany District

Vientiane Capitol

Phone:+856 21 770094,770074

Email: manoluck2005@gmail.com; luckie_2005@hotmail.com