NAFRI Staff and Structure

NAFRI currently employs 332 staff (97 women)

25 PhDs (on going 8 PhDs), 84 Masters and 152 BScs.

NAFRI restructured itself to reflect changes in the government’s policy and rapid economic changes taking place in Lao. Composed by the following Divisions and Centers across the country:

 I. Devision

1. Administration and Pesonel Division (APD) 2. Planning and Cooperation Division (PCD)

II. Commodity based Resarch Centers

1. Agriculture Research Center (ARC)

2. Horticulture Research Centre (HRC)

3. Livestock Research Center (LRC)

4. Forestry Science Research Center (FSRC)

5. Maize and Cash crop Research Center (MCRC)

6. Research Center to Climate Change Resilience in Agriculture (RCRA)

7. Living Aquatic Resources Research Center (LARReC)

III. Non-commodity based Research Centers

1. Agriculture and Forestry Policy Research Center (AFPRC)

2. Center for Agriculture and Forestry Information and Communication (CAFIC)

IV. Regional Research Centers and Agencies

1. Upland Agriculture Research Center (UARC)

2. Coffee Research and Multiplication Center (CRMC)

3. Thasano Agriculture Research Center (TARC)

4. Nong Daeng Agriculture Research Center (NARC)

5. Luangnamtha Agriculture Research Center (LTARC)

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National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute

Nongviengkham Village

Xaythany District

Vientiane Capitol

Phone:+856 21 770094,770074