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NAFRI Information Services

NAFRI produces a range information materails through its information management and strategic planning division. This includes:
> Library and data management services
> GIS services
> ICT services
> Information production and dissemination

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Publications & Materials

> NAFRI Strategic documents
> NAFRI Workshop Reports
> NAFRI Newsletter and Journal
> Grey Literature
> The Lao Uplands Sourcebook
> Proceedings of a workshop on shifting cultivation and poverty eradication


New reports for download
> Economics of Smallholder Rubber Production in Lao PDR
>Pathways out of Poverty through Maize and Job's Tear in Lao People's Democratic Republic

> Enhancing Sustainable Development of Diverse Agriculture in Lao People's Democratic Republic
> Corn production and marketing study in Oudomxay (LSUAFRP)
> Nutrient management (Lao-IRRI)
> Download papers from the Lao Uplands Sourcebook
> Farmer Technology Sheets (LSUAFRP)

Volume 1: Initiatives and Approaches

Volume 2: Options and Opportunities

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